Apr 12, 2011

What you can order and how

I can get custom order knives from Shigefusa Hamono and other famous smith in Sanjo.
I think I do not need to explain about these famous smiths but I will report about them after I  visit them this week.
What you can order:

Double bevel western knives:
Gyuto (180~300mm), Sujihiki(180~300mm), Petite(120~180mm),Chinese Cleaver(210mm thin type) and other double bevel kitchen knives in Kasumi finish or Kitaeji finish with wa or western handle.

Single bevel traditional knives:
Usuba(180~240mm),Kiritsuke,Mukimono and other single bevel knives in Kasumi finish or Kitaeji finish with D shape or octagonal ho handle.

A hand fitted Saya with Shigefusa trademark can be ordered too.

The estimated delivery time after the order is now (November 2011) over 3 month for wa handle knives.
Add 2 weeks for western handled knives.
Add one or 2 weeks for the Saya which is made after the knife is ready.

Sanjo Yoshihide

The custom ordered knives come with the kanji Sanjyo Yoshihide 三条吉秀(it is collaboration with a famous balcksmith in Sanjo and me).
Yoshihide knives can be made with steel of SK4, V2 and blue paper 2 for carbon steel and SKD(SKD12) and SLD(SKD11) for semi SS or SS steel.
For carbon steel knives I recommend Shigefusa.

Double bevel western knives:
Gyuto (180~300mm), Sujihiki(180~300mm), Petite(120~180mm),Chinese Cleaver(210mm) and other double bevel kitchen knives in Migaki(kasumi) finish, Sekisou(Damascus) finish or KU(Kurouchi) Sekisou finish.
The hard inner steel will be SKD12 for Migaki finish and SLD for both Sekisou finish.

You can choose wa or western handle.

Here is a sample of the finish (section of 270mm Sujihiki):
 The KU Sekisou is awesome. The balcksmith hammers the blade flat before heat treatment and let the black stay on the Damascus. It is the most expensive finish from him because it takes time to make it.

Ask for delivery time when you ask a quote. It will be shorter than Shigefusa knives.

For custom orders the customer can make their wishes of thickness, length, height etc of their knives. I write here wishes and not orders because Yoshida-san or Iizuka-san will make knives in their style.

For orders you can e-mail me. E-mail can be found on the left side at "Congtact".

I will act more as consultant than merchant/vendor or translator for your custom wishes/orders to the blacksmiths.

Important: If you contact me for quote or order please read the Terms and Conditions on the left side and write that you agree.

Tomorrow I will show some custom order knives which my friends got in the past.
Shigefusa and Yoshihide Gyuto

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  2. How do we place an order with you for Shigefusa? I understand you have stopped taking orders for now, but when you return, how do we place orders?

    Thank you

    Ward Gulley