Apr 11, 2011


My name is Masaru Nakamura.
Today is my birthday and I got 60. In Japan we call it "kanreki" because I made the sexagenary cycle. I was born in 1951 and  it was the year of kanoto-u 辛兎 (Yin Metal Rabbit). 2011 is kanoto-u again so I am reborn.

  So it is a perfect day to begin something new.

One of my hobby is home-cook and I like handmade Japanese kitchen knives. I have also some friends living outside of Japan who like Japanese knives too. Last year I helped them to get some custom Japanese knives. They appreciated very much what I did so I decided to do it to others too and to open a small business for exporting full custom kitchen knives.

    So I open today Hide's Export. 

My first name is  Masaru and the kanji is 秀 which can be read "hide" too. And "hide" was my nickname. It is pronounced "he de" .

I made a logo too:

It is designed with my family emblem.

I will export full custom made kitchen knives made by great blacksmith like Iizuka-san (Shigefusa) or Yoshida-san (Yoshikane).

I want to write about history of Japanese kitchen knives too.

I will make a trip this week to Sanjyo Niigata and visit these blacksmiths.
I hope I have much info to report on this blog.


  1. Happy Birthday Naka san good wishes to you and your family from Denmark !!!
    I hope your new business will do very well.
    And thank you for all you help and partnership :)

  2. Thanks Maksim-san.
    I hope the chopper made by Yoshikane arrives soon.

  3. お誕生日おめでとう御座います、中先生。

  4. Thank you Jim.
    I think you will have more time Sanjyo Seisakujyo than me. Have fun there.
    I will visit several blacksmiths and craftsmen in 2 days.

  5. Naka san ,

    Happy Birthday to you !

    I wish you happiness and joy in life and many more birthdays to bring you delight.


  6. Happy belated!!

    I did not know you have this blog and just found it out from the KF.

    It is great to have another resource for those wonderful knives!!