Apr 17, 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words (Yoshikane Part2)

More video and pictures....

 Making another deba.

 Hammering the the second deba

Note that the attachment of the hammer has changed.
 The bottom part is convex and it will make the concave ura
of the single bevel knife.
 The upper hammer is also build that the jigane of the omote side
 will get thinner.Yoshida san said it is important to hammer after the steel get cooler as you see here. "The more you hammer you get better cutting steel."

Cut in coarse form and the hizukuri is completed.
"Look it is so easy" "You can do it too" said Yoshida san to me with a nice smile.

The forged 2 deba and yanagiba.

2 deba close up.

Will be continued......

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