Apr 28, 2011

The First Kitchen Knife (Yoshihide 150mm Petite)

Right side 150mm Yoshihide SKD Petite

I got the first Kitchen Knife from Yoshikane Hamono to ship to my customer.
It is a 150mm SKD petite knife in migaki finish.
Left side
The custom order was a 150mm petite similar to the SKD suji which my friend at JNS got. The petite should be thinner than the stock knives and with a hand fitted ho saya.
The order was placed on 11th. April when I started this blog. Estimated time was 1 month for the knife plus 1 week for the saya.
This  time it came very fast. It was less than 3 weeks after order.
With Saya
I myself have this petite in 135mm. It has the stock dimensions.
Now lets compare the two:
135mm(used) and 150mm Petite
The 135mm petite is also used by my wife. She use it a lot because she does not need to take care as much as a carbon knife (BTW the tip is a bit rounded at her request).

Here the dimensions and weight of the two:
                      135mm         150mm
Blade length          135mm         153mm
Blade height at heel   30mm          34mm
Spine at handle         2.9mm         2.9mm
Spine at heel           2.5mm         2.5mm
Spine at middle         1.9mm         1.8mm
Spine 1cm to tip        1.0mm         0.9mm
Middle at blade (heel)  1.6mm         1.3mm        
Weight                   62g           65g

The spine tapers from thick at handle (heel) to the tip which is a proof that it has been forged. You cannot see so much difference at the spine of these 2 knives but when you look at the geometry (middle of spine and edge at heel) the 150mm is thinner by 0.3mm. It has also only a 3g increase in weight though it is 18mm longer.

To cut with it and to make maintainance to this knife my friend has 2 nice videos with his suji:

Yoshikane Suji polish
Shigefusa VS Yoshikane

I hope my customer is happy with this kitchen knife when he receive it.

To order such custom made kitchen knives made by Shigefusa or Yoshikane agree to the terms and conditions and make e-mail. The e-mail address is at About me in the left side.

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