Apr 15, 2011

Tokyo to Sanjyou

On a nice sunny day I went with my car to Sanjyo.
I used Kanetsu highway. Highway are quite exp in Japan.
I think the toll was 5800YEN for about 270km.
I made some video and pictures during drive.

At Akagikougen SA the mountains in front separate Gunnma Pref. and Niigata Pref.
  The Highway has the Kanetsu-tunnel which is 11km long and is the 11th longest tunnel in the world.

When you drive through the tunnel you are in Niigata Pref. Many snow left here.


You will see that many lights are off in the tunnel. It is for electricity saving because of the Quake.

After the mountains with snow here is plain with many rice agriculture.

Same as above.

I do not know the exact name of this in English. It is a trap if you drive to fast.

Another "trap".

Way out to Sanjyo.

Driving to Yoshikane Hamono

Yoshikane workshop was in downtown but because of noise his workshop is now in a section of many industrial factories. I am quite near here to his workshop.


  1. What beautiful weather!

    We call those "Speed traps." Abunai!

    Enjoy Sanjyo city!


  2. Jim's right. That's really beautiful weather. Enjoy your trip.