Jun 13, 2011

Knives I Recommend Part 1 Shigefusa

In general I recommend all knives made by Iizuka san and Yoshida san.
But I think it is better to make a list of highly recommended knives and why.

This list is just my opinion but hope it will be something informative.
(The length indicated are blade edge length for double bevel and handle to tip for single bevel knives)

1.Shigefusa (hagane steel is "spicy" Swedish carbon steel):

1.1 Double bevel

1.1.1 Suji Kasumi wa handle 210mm - 300mm
Shigefusa Suji is a knife which you do  not see in shops. Suji is for cutting protein so you will not have any trouble with carbon steel if you maintain the knife right. Though Kitaeji suji can be made a bit thinner the hagane is the same for kasumi and if you order a bit thinner than stock knives you will have a winner.

1.1.2 Petite Kitaeji/Kasumi wa handle 150mm, 180mm
This would be a utility knife for professional kitchen and for many home cooks the 180mm can be a main knife. The price for 180mm Petite is lower than the price for a 180mm Gyuto so it is a very good knife to try Shigefusa. Also the kitaeji is at affordable price.

1.1.3 Santoku Kurouchi/(Kitaeji) wa handle 165mm, 180mm
This is the most low price Shigefusa knife per mm. Kurouchi will protect the jigane from rust.
If you want to try a kitaeji it is also at affordable price similar to the Petite.

1.1.4 Gyuto Kasumi wa handle 210mm to 300mm
I get most inquiry on this knife. It is what everybody want to have.

1.1.5 Gyuto or Suji Kitaeji western handle with bolster 210mm to 300mm
The bolster of these knives are made with the same bar through free forging.
It is  not welded so you can see the kitaeji at the bolster too. Only few blacksmith can do this. It is a beauty. It is very hard to make so Iizuka san made a price correction.

1.2. Single bevel Knife

Here it is very difficult to recommend Kitaeji or Kasumi. I never read a report that Shigefusa Kasukmi single bevel bend over time. But in Q&A with Iizuka san he states that Kitaeji is better.
So I would say if you  are using your knife very often that it is worn in 3 years I will recommend Kasumi (many pro in Japan buy Kasumi) and for those who does not wear it so fast I recommend Kitaeji.

1.2.1 Yanagiba Kitaeji/Kasumi 240mm to 360mm
This is what Shigefusa knives makes it special. Many Japanese Chefs praise them.

1.2.2 Usuba Kitaeji/Kasumi 180mm to 240mm
This is also a knife many Japanese praise but I dop not know if there is a big market overseas.

1.2.3 Mioroshi Kitaeji 180mm to 255mm
Mioroshi Deba is a Deba but thinner. Iizuka san does not like to make thick knives so he corrected the price for Deba.
If you are not cutting big hard fish bones this will be a perfect knife.

1.2.4 Kiritsuke Usuba type Kitaeji/Kasumi
It looks so nice...

To be continued for knives from Yoshida san

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