Jun 2, 2011

Kitchen Knives in Progress (Shigefusa Hizukuri)

Here are pictures of Iizuka san's Hizukuri (hot forging) of Gyuto for my customers.

Steel bars for Gyuto.

The steel bar have been put in the charcoal furnace and it is waiting time.
Iizuka san takes care that the steel is heated uniform

 Now it is time to hammer the steel

Hammer the steel to Gyuto form


  1. Masaru san! These are exceptional pictures. So interesting to see a part of the whole process of creating a masterpiece like Shigefusa knife. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like Iizuka san is in charge of the forging while his sons do the rest of the job(maybe I am wrong). More pictures will be very much appreciated Masaru san. Thank you for the interesting blog. Andon

  2. Hi Friends...

    Kitchen knives are growing in popularity with home and professional chefs. The hard ceramic material is lightweight and capable of keeping a sharp edge much longer than traditional steel blade knives. Thanks a lot.