Jun 7, 2011

SKD12 Patina

I got question about how the semi SS SKD12 perform.
Below is the chemical composition of SKD12 used in Yoshihide SKD migaki knives.

C Si Mn P S Cr Mo V
SKD12 0.95 ~1.05 0.10 ~0.40 0.40 ~0.80 <0.030 <0.030 4.80 ~5.50 0.90 ~1.20 0.15 ~0.35

It has a Cr content of about 5% and such steel are called semi SS.

Some wanted to know how it react when you cut various things.

Here are some pictures with help from Maksim san at JNS who made pictures for me after using his knife at pro kitchen.

Maksim got very nice natural black patina to the SKD12 Hagane. The clad (Jigane) is SS so it does not change color.

Close up of the edge:

For comparing when it is new:

I am a  bit shy to post it but here my blade used (abused) in my home kitchen.
(It is  my wife's favorite knife who used only SS knives before) 

I hope I could show how SKD12 reacts.

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