Jul 3, 2011

More Knife Pictures (2)

Here some more pictures of kitchen knives made by Shigefusa and Yoshikane.
They are ready to ship or recently shipped.


Shigefusa 180mm Kitaeji Santoku Wa Handle

Shigefusa 240mm Kasumi Gyuto Wa Handle


Yoshihide Special Order Kurouchi Chopper

Read here about this Chopper The Story of the Chopper.

Yoshihide 240mm SKD Migaki Gyuto Wa Handle with Saya

Yoshihide 240mm SKD Migaki Gyuto Wa Handle

Yoshihide 80mm SKD Migaki Petite

Yoshihide 80mm SLD KU Sekiso Paring Knife Western Handle
 This is  a small knife but lot of craftsmanship in it.

 I hope all these knives will have a nice home soon.

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