Jul 19, 2011

Kitaeji Maintenance 4

Here I want to show how Kitaeji react to synthetic stone.
I used my Arashiyama and polished the tip part of the Kitaeji.

I did not sharpen the edge. I just polished the Kitaeji because I wanted to know how the finish is.
Here are the results:

The Kitaeji patterns are gone where the stone polished the Kitaeji.
Before I used my fingerstone I wanted to know how Bar Keepers Friend (BKF) react to the worn Kitaeji. BKF was the only polish agent which was indifferent to Kitaeji patterns as you can see here:  Kitaeji Maintenance 2

Here the result:

  Some of the Kitaeji patterns are back but the contrast is very little.

 I used my Hakka fingerstone and in 1 min I had the Kitaeji patterns back.
Excuse me of the few scratches (you can see then if you click in the picture for full scale). I was in hurry and did not care about contamination.

From the 4 polishing agents only BKF is indifferent to Kitaeji patterns. 
Though weak BKF can get some Kitaeji patterns back. 
Synthetic Stone (Arashiyama) will destroy the Kitaeji pattern. 
But you can sharpen with synthetic stone and get the Kitaeji pattern back with Japanese Natural fingerstones.


  1. really interesting and useful posts. keep up with the good work. any experiment is appreciated. what do you recommend for quickest and best result for polishing kitaeji. looks like BKF is quite efficient if you do not have natural stones.

  2. I do not think that BKF is efficient.
    And you can see in the picture at
    that BKF makes a brighter (more white) appearance which is against Japanese aesthetics.
    Good steel should be dark and black.

    Selected Natural fingerstones are the best for this purpose.