Jul 24, 2011

Many Sort of Knives by Yoshida san

I recommend the SKD Migaki, SLD Sekiso Migaki and SLD KU Migaki
Knives I Recommend Part 2 Yoshihide

But Yoshida san at Yoshikane Hamono can make other double bevel knives.
All kitchen knives here are 180mm blade length Gyuto.

He makes 2 sort of Kurouchi finish. Above is the hammered Kurouchi and below is the simple Kurouchi.
The Hagane (core) is high carbon steel V2 and Jigane (clad) is soft iron.

He makes also knives with high carbon steel Shirogami 2:

Above is hammer finish and below is Nashiji finish. The core is high carbon Shirogami 2 (White  paper 2). The clad is stainless steel (SS). This is for people who want a high carbon steel edge but do not want a rusty blade.

Now the SKD and SLD Sekiso knives:

Above is SKD hammered which is quite famous under Yoshikane brand.
Below is the SKD Migaki (Kasumi) which I recommend.
The core is SKD 12 and clad is SS.

Above is SLD Sekiso Migaki and below is SLD KU Sekiso.
Core is SLD (same as SKD 11) and it has SS Damascus clad.

There are variety of knives you can order from Yoshida san.
Give me a e-mail if you are interested.

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