Jul 30, 2011

Flooding in Sanjo

I think some has read the news of flooding in Sanjo.
Here some news links:
NHK: Torrential rain hits Niigata & Fukushima 

JapanToay: Floods claim first victim; 296,000 urged to evacuate in Niigata, Fukushim

It is said that the rain was heavier than 7 years ago when Shigefusa workshop was flooded.

The Igarashi-gawa and Shinano-gawa which are the main rivers of Sanjo city broke some banks.

But the news is that the place of the broken bank is 10km upstream of Shigefusa workshop and as for now they are safe.

To my customers:

It is a natural disaster and please understand if some order is delayed.
As for now I have no news of any delay.