May 19, 2011

Kitchen Knives in Progress (2)

Dear Customers.

3 days has past and you can see the progress.

From top:
240mm Kitaeji Gyuto
270mm Kasumi Suji
240mm Kasumi Gyuto
240mm Kasumi Gyuto

Sanjo Yoshihide (Yoshikane):
From top:
210mm SLD KU Sekisou Gyuto
270mm SLD KU Sekisou Suji

From Top:
250mm SKD Migaki Gyuto
240mm SKD Migaki  Suji
210mm SKD Migaki Gyuto

These kitchen knives are almost ready.
Some of them go to the saya maker for hand fitted saya which will take another week.

Now some new one:

Preparing jigane bars for 2 choppers.

To be continued...


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  2. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to that Shigefusa gyuto.

  3. esadeghi22 san

    It is now by the Saya maker.

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