May 26, 2011

Iizuka san Sketch of Boning Knife

Some of my customers wanted a Kitaeji boning knife with wa handle (honesuki, garasuki or sabaki).
First I got a sketch from Iizuka san of a honesuki kaku.

Iizuka san made it before but it is a rare knife he makes. It is single bevel with the kitaeji clad at the front side and the back side is flat (not concave like the traditional single bevel knives). This method is called Urako (裏鋼) and Iizuka san  said it takes quite a lot of time to make it.
The spine thickness is 4.5mm at heel and  still 3mm at tip for the tough boning work.

My  customers prefered a honesuki maru (or honesuki nishigata) and not a honesuki kaku. I have never seen a  honesuki maru with wa handle but I asked Iizuka san if it can be made.

His answer was this sketch:

My customers agreed to this knife. I have now 2 of this knife on order.
So far as I know it will be the first 2 honesuki maru kitaeji knives with wa handles by Shigefusa.

It will take some time till it is ready but I will post it if it is ready.


  1. Naka san you killing me with these blogs :)

  2. haha
    You are killing others with your nice whetstones too.

  3. The boning knife is the one I was looking for my modular kitchen.