Sep 26, 2011

More Knife Pictures (3)

Here more knife pictures ready to ship.


 Kasumi Usuba  195mm

 Custom order 180mm Kitaeji Kiritsuke blade height 36mm

Kitaeji Mioroshi Deba 195mm

Please watch the backside of the blades carefully. You will see the perfect "ura" of Shigefusa knives.

Sanjo Yoshihide:

 KU SLD Sekiso 240mm Gyuto with Bubinga western handle

KU SLD Sekiso 75mm Petty western handle

White 2 core SS clad hammer finished Wa Gyuto with Saya

The KU Sekiso knives are for returning customer who like this finish so much not only for the decoration but also the cutting performance.
The White 2 core SS clad is for those who want a carbon knife but want easy maintenance too. White 2 core SS clad can be made in Migaki finish too.

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