Aug 4, 2011

Finger Stones

After my blog about Kitaeji Maintenance I got many e-mails asking for finger stones.
Today I made some finger-stones for my customers.

From left right:
Sword polish grade Uchigomori (Hazuya)
Sword polish grade Nakayama (Chizuya)
Hakka (soft stone very easy to use)
The tiny stones at front are some of the fingerstones I used to make the blog.
I used my wife's manicure coat for protection.

I can include a Hakka fingerstone for free to my customers who bought a knife.

A set of Uchigomori, Nakayama and Hakka can be included to the knife for a fee.

Please e-mail me if you want the finger stones included.

I think the shipping cost of EMS (1200JPY to US and 1500JPY to EU) for customers who do not buy a knife from me is quite expensive.

For those who are alright with the shipping cost they can make e-mail request or I recommend my friend Maxim at JNS.
You must ask him about sword grade Uchigomori and Maruka finger stones.
He has not the same but similar finger stones.

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